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What's Included?

With the purchase of every Basket Saddle we include the following:

  • Wicker Basket Saddle
  • Padded Seat Cushion + Padded cushion numnah ( You choose the colour )
  • Quick release safety waist strap
  • Leather Girth Straps suitable for a common Dressage girth

What's the minimum age you recommend?

We try not to recommend an age. As with anything child or horse related it really does depend on how comfortable you feel with your child and your horse or pony.   

As a general rule of thumb, if your child can sit up un-aided then they should be ok.

Will it fit my Horse?

The Saddles are one size fits 'most'. The wicker gives a fair bit of flexibility in the arch. We’ve had customers use them on Shetlands right through to us who used it on an 15hh Welsh Section D Stallion and an 18hh Russian Draft horse. So a huge gap there and everything in between. 

We advise that miniature breeds are probably  too small so would advise against a Basket Saddle.

Do you ship Internationally?


Although a UK based company, approx 50% of our saddles go overseas.

To give you some ideas on cost of shipping:

USA / Canada - £95

Europe - £20

UK - £20 

We will send to any country so just Contact us if yours is not listed above and we'll get a price for you.

have you had disabled riders use them?

Absolutely. We have had a number of riding Therapy centres buy Basket Saddles from us. 

We have been told about 15-16yrlds with difficulty in balance and leg mobility using our basket saddles! We love these stories.

Also worth a read is this testimonial on Seans story: